What is AutoFox ... and do I need it?

If you've ever visited a comicgenesis or KeenSpot Web Comic site, you've most likely seen web pages generated by a similar package.

Essentially, AutoFox is a Perl script that provides automatic HTML page generation for web sites that need to have new images and corresponding web pages added on a calendar based schedule ... like a comic strip.

If you can name your image files with a YYYYMMDD numeric code within the filename, have a Linux powered web server that can execute Perl scripts via a Cron task, and know how to write simple HTML web pages, then this could be for you.

You need to create a minimum of two HTML template files (one for the latest image, and a one for the older archived images), edit a text configuration file to tell the software where to find the various files, and add a cron task to the Linux/Unix server to run AutoFox.

From this point, all the hard work is done.

Unless you want to change the look of your site, all you need to do is upload your date coded image files ahead of time to a hidden upload directory on your web server. When the cron task executes, it will automatically move any current day (or older) images from the hidden image upload directory to a public directory, and (re)generate new public HTML files from the template files. These automatically generated HTML files will provide links to all the daily images in the public folder.

You can see examples of web sites that use AutoFox by visiting Nicholas Killewald's strip Dementia of Magic or Scott Kellogg's strip 21st Century Fox.

AutoFox version 1.0 was written by Nicholas "Tegeran" Knight. AutoFox version 2.0 was written by Nicholas "Tegeran" Knight with the help of Nicholas "CaptainSpam" Killewald.

You can read more about AutoFox or download it from

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